Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Just as the scary sights of the holiday spook us, the scary sounds creep us.  The sounds of the wind blowing, the ghosts and goblins booing, the monster haunting, the blood curdling screams, dim/dark rooms with creaky floors.   Topped off with Vincent price narrating a story backed by startling music and you have created ambiance.  Ambiance is the atmosphere of an environment and music can be a huge contributing factor that helps you succeed with overall goal of your design.  Music can reflect all different types of emotions, from despair to inspiration.  Different types of music help us unwind reflect, it can draw out different emotion, sooth us, lead us to dance and can motivate us to be more productive.  Music helps to make a house a home, it is just one way to create the atmosphere you desire.  Many ideas await you at Hildreths.  Stop in and let us help you create the environment you desire.
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Dianne Rennard
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