Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hopefully books will never be extinct.

Although it is the age of the e-reader, hopefully books will never be extinct.
Bookcases can solve design problems by adding depth, a visual focal point and
by organizing your home. Now all those books you so love have a home and
look beautiful. This works for more than just books…a treasured set of china,
decorative objects and seasonal decorations can all be displayed on bookshelves.
Since they are not deep, they take up minimal real estate in the room while
providing a sense of importance in the d├ęcor. A wall of bookcases in a smaller
room can actually make the room seem bigger.

In Hildreth’s Design Dept. we can show you the many types and styles of
bookcases, in different woods, stain, paint finishes and metals. Whatever your
design style is, we can find the piece that will complete your look.

Carole Van Wickle

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