Wednesday, November 7, 2012

“Pet-friendly" home

“Pet-friendly” is a term often used to describe places that welcome pets with their owner’s such as Hildreths.  A pet-friendly home, is a home that considers the needs of the pet and owners as part of the interior design. To avoid your pet- loving home looking like a doghouse, consider the many pet-friendly materials that can be incorporated easily into your home starting with your upholstery.  Assuming your pet is allowed on the furniture, and we all know they are, it should be durable and stain resistant.  Consider a color and a texture that will help hide your pet’s fur and can be brushed off easily.  If your upholstery has washable covers, even better.  Consider the color of your pet’s fur and whether your pet goes outside and digs or swims.  A black dog mixes well with a navy sofa while a white cat would fit happily into a home with white canvas slipcovers.
By JoAnne Conway

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