Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Did you wake up this morning still tired? Does your back or neck feel sore
or achy? Perhaps it is time to consider a new mattress and/or pillows. At
Hildreth’s we have a wonderful selection of bedding to meet your needs.
We have a new GelActive memory foam mattress and a new hybrid coil and
memory foam. There are firm, extra-firm, plush, super pillow top or Euro-
top mattresses. Whatever your ideal feel and need, we can meet them.

If allergies are a problem, we have wonderful synthetic fiber pillows. We
also have luxurious down in soft, medium and firm in standard, queen and
king sizes. There is nothing better than a really good night’s sleep. Let us
help make yours and your family’s rest comfortable and fabulous.

Carole Van Wickle

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