Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year

As we start the New Year, we make resolutions to eliminate bad
habits and make a new start at being healthier, working harder
or smarter, and being more organized. As we spend more time
indoors in the winter, our homes can become part of our New
Year’s resolutions. If the budget will not allow for a house full of
new furnishings, there are still things we can do to create warm
beautiful surroundings in our homes. Try arranging furniture
in a different way; if you have many accessories, group and/
or minimize them; if you have no accessories, try adding a few
that accentuate your color scheme. One of the tried and true
methods for improving our homes is always a fresh coat of paint
in a different color and painting the ceiling 10 percent of the same
color mixed with white. If you have decided to paint a room
white, try painting the ceiling a pale color, such as pale gray or
blue and make your home ready for the New Year.

Submitted by Carole Van Wickle
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