Sunday, February 10, 2013

Roman shades have been rising in popularity for years. They add color to the
room and warmth to any space. There are huge fabric choices for these shades
as well as many styles to work in any room. They can be sheer, have black out
linings for light control, have motorization options for hard to reach spaces, top
down-bottom up operation for greater light control options and add beauty and
visual interest. The flat roman shade requires the least amount of fabric and
shows large patterns beautifully. The Hobbled Roman adds a lovely softness
to a window. These shades will also help to insulate, specifically when they are
black out lined. Hildreth’s Department Store has talented designers that can help
you find the perfect fabric and style for your rooms. Please come see us at either
East Hampton or Southampton for a new look to your home!

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