Friday, February 8, 2013

Where to Sit

Other than our beds where we spend seven or eight hours of
sleep, chairs are the most used furniture in our homes. We have
them around the dining or kitchen table, at a desk, in the living
and family rooms and in the bedroom. Chairs come in an endless
number of styles, colors, fabrics and finishes. They can be the most
beautiful accent in your room. A bold fabric that might otherwise
overwhelm on a sofa can be just the most perfect accessory as a
chair. Conversely, an understated pair of chairs can add a sense of
calm comfort to a room.

Whatever your design aesthetic may be, at Hildreth’ s Dept. Store we
can help with your seating needs whether they be simple or grand
and if you have an old family piece or antique that needs new fabric
or a total redo, our workroom can do it for you.

Carole Van Wickle
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