Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring is Coming! Spring is Coming!

OK,  now that I have your attention, East Hampton
has a new assortment of Capel and Dash and Albert
Rugs for you to pick for your indoor OR outdoor
flooring needs. Many sisal's, cotton, wools and
polypropylene's are available.

Come see our new displays and take home today or
order the perfect sizes for your floors!

We can’t wait to see you!

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I LOVE my jewelry!  And I buy a lot of decorative, fun costume pieces.
Since a jewelry box doesn't have anywhere NEAR enough space for
my trinkets, I choose to display them all over my place--on lampshades,
hanging from valances and picture frames and door knobs.
And I love to show it OVERFLOWING my small jewelry box!
Whenever my nieces visit, they drool, exclaiming:
"Oh my gosh!  You have such pretty jewelry!"

Why hide these beautiful pieces in a cabinet?
Use them as decor and give guests a window in what makes YOU click!
Photos and text by Patricia Keane

Friday, March 29, 2013


After a rather long winter, Spring is finally arriving and the Summer Season
will soon be here. Although many of us have shades, blinds or other privacy
treatments on our windows, often there is just something missing – the room
simply looks incomplete. One remedy is to add sheer panels. They can
add just the right amount of softness and definition to complete your room.
Where there are no privacy treatments required, linen, cotton or the new
synthetic blends can give that finished look with a minimum of fuss. Most
of those fabrics come in wide widths of 110 to 122 inches that make adding
beautiful sheer panels easy to fabricate without unwanted seams. If you
have standard height ceilings and single windows, we have lovely ready-
made sheers at Hildreth’s Home Goods. If your windows are large or high
or you just want something specific, our custom workroom can make and
install beautiful sheers to complement your room and view.

By Carole Van Wickle

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Considered the colors of Spring, Easters pastels are symbolic of rebirth, new growth and
Yellow is happiness, as the sun shines above, green holds hope and renewal as the grass begins to come to life and plants start to sprout.

Pink is a healthy new fresh start, orange is like the dawning of the day. Blue represents peace and harmony, like the clear blue sky, and purple is something special, like the lilacs soon coming to bloom.

Stop in and see us at Hildreths for such special pastels. Be they soaps, lotions, candles,
decorations for your holiday table, area rugs, bunnies(!) or perhaps an Easter basket filled
with them all!

Dianne Rennard

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring is here

Although the weather may not feel like it, the calendar says that spring is upon us. After your spring cleaning is done it’s a perfect time to add refreshing color to your life. Add colorful throw pillows to re-juvenile your sofa or bed, consider a new “fun” slipcover for your favorite chair, change out your area rugs with our extensive collection of cheerful Dash and Albert rugs, and don’t forget about sprucing up your windows.
Don’t delay on your indoor projects because before you know it, it will start to really feel like spring and you will want to switch your spring energy to the outdoors.
Think Spring!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Spring is finally here! It’s time to welcome the new season with bright bold colors that
warm up your home.

Invite the colors that will soon be all around us into your home and celebrate this time
of rejuvenation.

 Toss in bright pillows to update your sofas and chairs. Even sprucing
up your bed linens is a welcoming change.

Add a beautiful floral display and change the look with a slipcover and/or area rug. It’s all here at Hildreths Home Goods and we are  happy to assist you with Springing forward!

Dianne Rennard

Friday, March 22, 2013


Furnishing a new home or updating a home you have been in for
a while is something that most people do only a few times and it can
seem like a daunting task. There are so many magazines and so much
information online and on TV – so many beautiful looks, but what
look is it that says HOME to you?

Whether it be formal and stately, cozy and cottage, open and breezy, modern, retro,
traditional or any other style. This is where a designer can help you take the look you love
and give your vision the balance, harmony and proportion needed
in your home.

Taking your idea of the home you want to a designer
will save you time and money because they will know how to find
the furnishings, fabrics, flooring, accessories and finishes you have
in mind. At Hildreth’s Home Goods we have experienced and capable
designers, our own in-house workroom and craftspeople who can turn
your dream house into your home.

Carole Van Wickle

Thursday, March 21, 2013


The technology of outdoor fabrics has advanced exponentially in the last 10-15 years, as has the variety of colors, textures and patterns available. The range of top-quality outdoor fabrics is bewildering, and many of the new fabrics look and feel like indoor fabrics. In fact, many people are now using outdoor fabrics for their indoor spaces, to take advantage of the resistance to fading and stains.

Do outdoor fabrics really live up to the claim of being UV, stain, and mildew resistant?  Absolutely – and they do a lot more than that.

At Hildreths we have many sources for beautiful outdoor fabrics:Beacon Hill:  Boussac, Chella
,Delany & Long ,Dogwood, Duralee, Fabricut, Kravet, Lee Jofa, Lulu DK, Norbar, Pierre Frey, Ralph Lauren, Robert Allen, Scalamandre, Schumacher, Silverstate, Stroheim, Stout, Thibaut, Trend, United Fabrics

By Karla Faloon

Interior Designer

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


 Classic caned furniture is always classic and looks
Expensive, yet doesn’t have to be.

This beautifully detailed caned/woven bench is actually
VERY comfortable.  It’s 47” Wide and only $1,020.
marked down from $1,275

Cane chairs & end tables give any dining, bedroom and/or
living room a more upscale esthetic.  There’s usually a choice
of finishes, too.

We have a nice selection of caned furniture here at Hildreths.
Come on in and I’ll show you!

Photos and text from Patricia Keane

Monday, March 18, 2013

Can you believe spring is next week?

Can you believe spring is next week? Before we know it summer will be here! And we will all be enjoying our backyards and our schedules will get busy again. So now is a great time to take a look at your outdoor cushions and see what needs to be redone. Hildreths has a custom workroom right here in our Southampton store.  There are many outdoor fabrics to choose from and available in many textures and colors! Come into Hildreths and see one of our designers to make your backyard the talk of the neighborhood.

Design tip from: JoAnne Conway
                             Interior Designer

Help! How do I pick wallpaper!

Wallpaper is such a fun way to show your personality in your
home. You can create an accent wall or paper an entire space
an make it your own.

Did you know that wallpaper can last 15 to 25 years and it is a
look that you just cannot get with paint. It is easier to clean in
most cases. You can was vinyl or acrylic with a sponge. If you
wash paint, it can leave a dull or shiny spot where you washed.

Wallpapers come in many different
patterns as well as magnetic, metallic or organic, leather and
wood veneer. You can have acoustic wallpaper that helps with
sound control or whiteboard that you can write on with dry
erase markers.

Hildreth’s has a huge amount of wallpaper books to choose
from. Come in today so that our designers can help you get
your special look!

Shelly Weingartner