Friday, March 29, 2013


After a rather long winter, Spring is finally arriving and the Summer Season
will soon be here. Although many of us have shades, blinds or other privacy
treatments on our windows, often there is just something missing – the room
simply looks incomplete. One remedy is to add sheer panels. They can
add just the right amount of softness and definition to complete your room.
Where there are no privacy treatments required, linen, cotton or the new
synthetic blends can give that finished look with a minimum of fuss. Most
of those fabrics come in wide widths of 110 to 122 inches that make adding
beautiful sheer panels easy to fabricate without unwanted seams. If you
have standard height ceilings and single windows, we have lovely ready-
made sheers at Hildreth’s Home Goods. If your windows are large or high
or you just want something specific, our custom workroom can make and
install beautiful sheers to complement your room and view.

By Carole Van Wickle
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