Friday, March 8, 2013

To Reupholster or not to Reupholster

Your furniture's future depends on you!
When deciding to reupholster or not, take several things into consideration.
Evaluate the piece, is it of sound body and mind? What is the integrity of the frame, the
springs/coils and cushions? What would a new similar piece cost? Is it a quality piece
of furniture that has lasted 30 years. Is it a family heirloom or antique that’s been passed
down through the generations? Is it such a favored and unique piece that it may be hard
to replace? What is it’s importance to the room? Consider sentimental value as well.
After all, this adorable doggy bed was totally worth it!
Dianne Rennard

 "At Hildreths we can reupholster your treasures or help you find new ones"

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