Sunday, April 7, 2013

Traditional or Contemporary? How to choose the right teak style outdoor furniture for your home.

Traditional or contemporary, there is a teak style for every yard. Who knew there were so many different teak furniture styles to choose from? I know I sure didn't until I met Tom, patio furniture guru, at Hildreth’s in Southampton. He gave me a tour of the show room and described how he helps people choose the right teak for their backyard. He said, “envision your back yard, what does it look like?” I gave it some thought, in my head I pictured bright green grass with the Long Island summer sun shining down on it, shrubs lining the back of the yard, beautiful flowers blooming around my patio with a brick walkway leading to it. He replied, “would you say your backyard is more traditional?” Then he introduced me to this round teak table, perfect fit for one of my patios I thought, but I still needed something else. 

Here's Tom, the patio furniture guru!

Then, he introduced me to this big guy. It is large enough for a fun summer gathering, I could defiantly see myself relaxing out doors with friends and family having a great BBQ over the summer. Can't you?

Also, while I was there I saw some contemporary outdoor teak tables and chairs. They maintain the same classic appeal as the tradition teak outdoor furniture but with an edge. A teak table with a mix of teak wood and aluminum or stainless steel would be the perfect fit for a backyard that has a modern or contemporary feel.  

Beautiful teak dining tables and chairs have always been desirable because they great to look at, durable and low maintenance. So weather your back yard is traditional or contemporary there are a bunch of great Barlow Tyrie teak sets to choose from that will fit the style of your back yard. Barlow Tyrie provides superior design and craftsmanship in every one of their outdoor furniture pieces so you can rest assured you will be able to enjoy these teak outdoor furnishing for many summers to come.

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