Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why We Love Our Outdoor Teak Furniture!

April is Teak Month at Hildreth’s Patio store. All teak is on sale this month, so if you were thinking about making a teak purchase for this summer season, now is the time! Teak is by far the best material for your outdoor furniture and is perfect for your Hamptons beachfront living lifestyle.

The teak used in all the outdoor furniture we sell is the best quality teak wood available. It has been sustainable harvested, and is made to last a lifetime. Check out our Why We Love Teak Video below, or on out You Tube channel here !

Why We Love Teak Outdoor Furniture

-Beautiful: Teak turns a beautiful silver grey pantina after about 1 year, matches cedar single siding perfectly
-Durable: Teak maintains its strength and attractiveness for decades.
-Low Maintenance: Teak can be left outdoors all year long
-Flexible size options: Teak tables offer expandable size options, drop in/butterfly leaves,(this option is not available in glass top style tables), Standard sizes to super large sizes
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