Saturday, May 4, 2013

30% OFF Klaussner for 30 days!

For the Month Of May Hildreth's Home Goods is having the 30% off Klaussner for 30 Days.
The sale is on In stock and Special Order!

Lets Learn About Some of the Klaussner Furniture!

The Patterns collection has a timeless look with a refined contemporary feel. 

The casual style of the  Charleston collection with its simple clean lines and smart tailoring. 

The Dopler collection offers a timeless contemporary feel.

The Jordan Distinctions collection displays crisp detailing and modern appeal.

Mod and fabulous, the Bentley Distinctions collection shows off style and comfort

Finally the Comfy Collection has a Clean and Straight forward design.

All the Klaussner Products are great and We love carrying them!
Stop in to Hildreth's Home Goods and see our collection of Klaussner Home Furnishing.

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