Sunday, June 9, 2013

6 Ways to Brighten up your Home for Summer!

Do you want to Brighten up your living space for summer? Then Check out these tips and your home will be ready for the summer.

1. Open Up your windows and add some light in. Its one of the easiest thing to do just brighten your home with sun light.

2. Don't have a lot of windows then try adding some mirrors to your living space. The mirrors will reflect the light and make your room seem larger.

3. Add some colorful Pillows. A fresh pop of color will help brighten up your room.

4. Give the room a facelift with a new paint job. A new color and change the whole feeling of your room and make it look fresh and clean.

5. Take away the clutter from your room and your room will seem brighten and neater.

6. Buy some flowers or plants. Flowers will help the room feel more inviting and will put you in an upbeat mood.

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