Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rug Tips

You have to consider many thing when getting a New Rug for your home!

 Do you want to make a statement? then consider a large pattern or floral design this will make your rug the focal point of the room!

Use a Rug Liner  this will keep your rug from slipping around the room.

Do you have an open floor plan? if yes then you can use a rug to separate areas in your home.

Have more then one rug in a room? then make sure their different sizes and make sure the styles and color complement each other.

When buying a rug subtract 3 feet from the area of the room. You don't want the rug to take up the entire space of your room.

Whatever Rug you choose make sure you love it and that it will be a perfect match for your home!

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