Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Interior Design Tips

At Hildreth's we have great Interior Designers that will work with you to help your home Look and Feeling amazing here are some tips you should go by:

Choose timeless over trendy: Most trends don't last long and the trendy pieces can cost a lot of money. So go with some timeless pieces that will last a lifetime and always been enjoyed.
Paint small rooms with lighter colors: Have a smaller room? no problem paint the room a lighter color and the room will feel larger. You can also add some mirrors this will give the optical illusion of space.
Hang some art on the walls:  Having artwork can give a finishing touch to any room. You want to choose an art piece that flows well with the room. For the best effect hang the artwork at eyes level.

Wallpaper your bookcases: This small pop of color will bring life into your room.

Acessories: a quick and easy way to hang up a room. If you have a neutral room you can.
change them every season to compliment your mood.

Don't have al lot of natural light?: Add some Lighting it will help set the mood of your home.

Add a rug:  Rugs can help a home with a large open floor plan with separating the rooms into smaller areas.
Look around for inspiration:  you need to get inspired and open your eyes to inspiration for example in the hampton's we are all around the water so the beach could be an inspiration maybe getting ideas for Stanley Coastal living which is 40% until July 1st.

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