Friday, July 19, 2013

Tips to Have a Welcoming Home

Having a Home that is welcoming and inviting is a must when you want to entertain your guest or when you are spending time with your family.

Use accent colors to add bright and colorful pieces to your home.

Have a great warm and welcoming color on your walls. You don't want your Home to seem color so welcoming warm or neutral colors are the way to go. You can also add some texture to the colors on the walls.

Having an open space and no clutter. The more space can allow better traffic and make your room look lighter and brighter.

Decorate your fire place. Decorate your fire place with light and bright colors or maybe even some family photos.

Have the right pieces of furniture. You don't want to choose a piece that is to big or to small for your living space.

Having good lighting. When placing your lights around the room make sure you don't put it near the T.V because that already produces lighting.

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