Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Baby Must Haves!

Congratulations you already are or you are going to be new parents. Do you need help with where to start and what to buy? Then look no further we are here to help, and all of these things can be found at Hildreth's!

A Crib. Even though you won't want to put your baby down your baby needs a place to sleep besides your arms so a crib is a great way to go! Always make sure that the crib you get is safe for your baby.

A stroller.  A stroller is a great way to carry your baby around so invest in a stroller that you will love. Better quality strollers will maneuver more easily and be more comfortable for you child.

A Car Seat. This sounds like and easy one but you need to find one perfect for your family. There are so many to choose from but the number one important thing to look for in a car seat is safety. Which is why we choose to carry Britax. They have a long standing reputation for excellence in safety ratings.

A night light. So your baby won't be afraid of the dark. This one projects cute designs on the side which is perfect for your baby to learn tracking with their eyes.

Clothes. Dressing your new baby up is one of the most fun activities. Show your baby off and make sure your baby look adorable in their outfits!

Bottles and pacifiers! A must with every child.

Remember having a child will bring you great joy, so enjoy!

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