Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to school

                 The Summer is almost over and you know what that means! School is approaching fast so here are so must haves for your child this school year!

1. A backpack! Getting a new backpack can be fun and exciting for your child so why not let your children pick out their own this year!

2. A lunchbox! get your child a lunchbox that is durable and can last all year long. A lunch box is better then using one of those paper bags everyday!

3. A new coat or rain jacket! so your child will be safe from the weather of fall.

4. A new pair of shoes! Get your child a new pair of shoes for the first day a school.

5. Don't have your child bring in toys that are special to them because they might lose them.

6. New Clothes! chances are your child grew this year so get them some new clothes!

Remember to give your child lots of hugs because I bet they are a little nervous for the new school year! Good luck and have a safe and Happy school year!

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