Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Caring for your Leather

Leather Furniture can look beautiful but good maintenance is important. Some people find it hard to take care of leather but after learning these tricks you will find it's no harder then taking care of any other fabric.

1.Don't use cleaners or oil soaps because it will stain and darken the leather. Mild soaps and saddle soaps are a no go as well, keep them away from your leather furniture!

2. Just Like Fabrics avoid direct sunlight, nothing is safe from sunlight. Extreme heat will cause the leather to crack and avoid placing leather next to air conditioners or radiators.

3. Blot spills ASAP with a terry cloth or paper towels. If it is a grease stain then use baking or Talcum powder to absorb it.

4. Wipe Down the leather with a clean and dry cloth, this will remove dust and keep your leather looking it's best.

5. Apply conditioner regularly at least twice a year.

6. Got scratches? Buff them out with a microfiber Cloth.

Remember that leather is a natural product and requires some care to maintain the natural beauty of the hide.

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