Monday, August 12, 2013

How to clean your sleeper sofa!

 Sleeper Sofa can be hard to clean but just follow these easy steps and you will find out how easy cleaning your sleeper can be!

Start by vacuuming the sofa with the hose to clean up any dirt that may be cleaned easily.

Open the sleeper up and clean the bedding the washer machine. This will help get rid of dust mites that may be hiding in your sofa.

Clean the legs and bed fame of the sleeper. Try to avoid getting water or cleaning fluid on the sofa itself.

Vacuum the surface of the mattress with the brush attachment. You can also spot clean the mattress. Then allow the  mattress to dry before folding it back into the couch.

Finally fold the bed back into the sofa and spot clean the sofa itself. After the sofa is dry enjoy your newly clean sleep sofa!

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