Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How to make your room feel cozy!

Sometimes a large room can make you feel empty but adding these few simple touches can help your room from feeling empty to cozy in no time. If your one of these people feel lucky because many people would love to have a larger room.

1. Add a tall potted plant or plants. Putting the plants near a tall window because will fill the height of the summer and make it seem more cozy. Bonus: make sure you water your plant and that it get plenty of sun!

2. Make sure the furniture pieces you buy for your room at not too small. If it is it will draw attention to the extra space you have in your room. Make sure everything you buy is put 
to scale.
3. Add pieces like floor-ceiling bookcases, or cabinets. If you are really daring you can even add a wet bar to the back of your room the shrink the room even more.
4. Instead of a coffee table how about adding an Ottoman. it will give the room a more cozy and welcoming feeling.
5. Move your furniture away from walls because it will take away even more floor space.
Whatever size your room is make sure you love it because in the end it is your room and your home! Any questions? Write it in the comments below.

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