Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tips for Buying a New Sofa!

With 30% off Klaussner Furniture until September 3rd here are some tips you should know when your buying a sofa!

1. Quality 
When buying a new Sofa you want it to last so make sure your buy one that will meet your families needs one that is durable.

2. Length
You want a sofa that will be long enough for a couple people so make sure the sofa is at least 90" perfect for a nap!

3. Don't Buy Online without testing out the Sofa
It might be the best looking sofa in the world but if you Don't test it out and imagine how it will actually look in your home you may end up hating it.
4. Sectionals
Have a larger room then maybe a sectional is the way to go. It's larger and can fit more people, just make sure it;s not to big for your home.

5. Colors
The color of the sofa should match of be close to the colors of the walls or the curtains.

6. Pattern
Never use big patterns or trendy colors for large pieces. You might like the pattern now but in a couple years you may hate it.
7. Sofa in Apartments
Before buying a new sofa make sure its not larger then the door frame of elevator in your apartment. 

8. Talk to a Designer
At Hildreth's we have designer's that can help you when you are buying a new sofa. So stop in and come upstairs to our Furniture department.

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