Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why do you need a sleeper sofa?

Looking for a new sofa in your home? Have you ever thought about getting a sleeper sofa? Here are some reasons why a sleeper sofa is perfect for your home!
1. Having guest sleep over but don't have enough bedrooms? Well your sleeper sofa can solve that problem in a matter of seconds! Just pull the bed out and you have sleeping room for all.

2. Rowe's Sleeper sofa are very comfortable as a sofa and as a bed!

3. Don't have a lot of space in your home? A sleeper sofa will help with the space! When the bed in not in use you can fold it back into a sofa.

4. With 35% off Rowe sleeper sofas at Hildreth's Home Goods is a great time to buy! Sale ends  8/31/13

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