Friday, September 6, 2013

Decorating A Small Bedroom

Evaluate Your Space- Before you start your bedroom decorating tasks, examine the room and measure the sides. Make sure to take note of the placement of door and windows then determine how you want to arrange your furniture. With a small bedroom you need to be creative when arranging furniture.

Choosing Your Furniture-Take advantage of vertical space with tall pieces of furniture. Consider using two tall cabinets and placing a bench  between the two. You can get the same amount of storage without the visual bulk of a large armoire. 

Decorating Your Bedroom- when selecting artwork arrange the pieces together. Try and use a slender frame for your pictures. Use lighter colors on your wall rather then rich colors so the room will seem lighter and airier

Colors for Your Bedroom-repeating colors is key in a small bedroom. Doing so will create visual rhythm and draw the eye around the room.If you're going to use a piece that is out of step with the bedroom's color scheme, use the color elsewhere in a small dose. 

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