Monday, November 18, 2013

Design Mistakes

1. Placing art too high on walls. If art is hung too high people won't be able to enjoy the piece of work they way they are supposed to, and if they are hung too low people will go home with a bad back. So hang art work and photos at eye level for the best affect.

2. Buying Fabric. You should never buy fabric online, if you haven't seen the Fabric in person. You need to be able to see the color and scales of the patterns on the fabric before buying it.

3. Buying Furniture before checking out the size of your room. A common mistake when people are buying Furniture is not checking out the size of the room the piece will be placed in. Over sized pieces takes a toll on a room. and always make sure your furniture will fit through your door.

4. Keep the Budget. When buying new pieces for a room make sure you pick something within your budget range.

5. Quality over Quantity. It's better to buy one large quality piece over time them buying six or seven pieces that won't last very long.

6. Buying Paint before your Furniture. Picking paint color should be one of your last steps make sure you pick out the fabrics and furniture you want to use before picking out the paint.

7. Not Planning. Always plan what you want to buy before you go shopping for furniture.

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