Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mistakes To Avoid When Your Buying A Sofa

1. Don’t buy a sofa where the upholstered fabric is a fabric you will be sick of in a few years. While the zebra and crazy color sofa seems like a great idea now in a few years your trends and taste might change so pick out a sofa that you know you'll love for a while.

2. Have young kids or dogs? Don't choose a light color fabric. The kids will spill and the dogs fur will shed so pick out a sofa color that is forgiving.

4. Is the sofa uncomfortable? Don't buy it! It may be the most beautiful sofa in the world but if you can't sleep or sit on it then pick out a different sofa.

5. Not asking for help. At Hildreth's all of our Interior 
Designers will be happy to help you, so ask away!

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