Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Pet Friendly Home

Have a pet that you love and adore? Many people are letting their homes go to the dogs and forgetting about style and comfort. Here are some ways to keep your pet friendly home into a stylish and clean one!
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1. Clean up stains Asap- Sometimes your pet will have accidents the best thing to do is clean it up fast with vinegar and baking soda.
2. Wash your bed linens- Pick bed linens that can be washed often if you are planning having your pet sleep in your room. Cotton bed sheets in a dark color would be great.

3. Opt for a pet friendly rug- Get a rug that is durable and pet friendly for your home.
4. Vacuum- Even though your pets hair matches your furniture you will still have to vacuum your the hair off at least twice a week more often if your pet is shedding. You want to vacuum because of the odor pet hair can leave behind.

5. Choose a color that matches your pets fur- Have a white furred cat? opt for white furniture instead of a darker color which would show all of the animals fur. Having matching colors will make the hairs left behind less visible.
6. Hard floors over carpet- Carpets can trap and absorb odors so opt for a wood floor because it's easy to clean and resistant to stains that any animal can dish out.
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