Monday, April 7, 2014

6 Reasons You Should Buy Teak Outdoor Furniture

 6 Reason You should buy teak! Teak is now up to 35% off for the month of April!


1. Weather Resistant- An amazing feature about Teak furniture is it's ability to withstand all different types of weather such as rain, snow, and the suns rays. Teak is one of the few woods that has a natural oil that repels water, because of this teak doesn't crack or become brittle.

2. Repels Pests- The oils and resins that repels the water and weather from teak furniture also repels against bugs such as termites.

3. Teak is Earth Friendly- Teak is a type of wood and better for the environment.

4. Low Maintenance- Teak furniture needs no paint or varnish because of the high oil content that teak furniture has.

5. Last a Long time- Teak Furniture will last your family a long time. Teak is also very durable. The color of the teak will soon change from its honey brown color into a beautiful silvery gray.

6. Easy to clean- If your teak is splintering you can lightly sand it down to get it back in shape.

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