Thursday, April 10, 2014

April Showers:Rainy Day ideas part 1

April Showers mean it time for a rainy day craft!
In April we expect to have a lot of rainy days, but that just means we have an excuse for a fun indoor activity. Here are a couple of crafts and ideas you can do with your kids this month that are perfect for those rainy days!
1. Have a stamping party. Take out a large piece of paper and have the kids go wild stamping different scenes. You can have you wild make a landscape then bring out other toys to play on the landscape for a full day of fun!

 2. Have a Craft day! Make paper bag puppets or Eco crafts the kids will love making their own crafts.

3. After they made their own puppets the kids can put on a puppet show!

4. Have a paint party! Have the kids draw pictures or even the rain. You can finger paint or use markers or crayons!

5.  Bake something sweet with the kids. Have you kids bakes some sweets like brownies or cupcakes!

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