Monday, April 14, 2014

Spotlight: Baby Aspen

Baby Aspen is a designer of adorable baby gifts. Baby Aspen products go though rigid testing to ensure the safety  and well-being of each child that uses their product. Baby Aspen plays an emphasis on character and whimsy.

We love things with wings! Your new born will look adorable with a beautiful bumble bee on her bum! These covers will create some buzz among the diaper generation!

There's something fishy going on here, and it's really something to sea! Imagine how cute she'll look in this seersucker sun hat and seaworthy spa booties with pretty, pink fish. They are true bootie beauties, and they love the be.

A basket brimming with summer fruit-inspired socks is a baby footís best friend. The watermelon is ripe, the strawberries are fresh-picked, and you're going to like the grapes a whole bunch!

Never before have four pairs of soft, cozy socks been so delightfully delivered! Baby Aspen's baby-blue "Mr. Sock T. Pus" is a cuddly oceanic companion designed for baby's warmth--from heart to toe. His plush, rattle-filled head and eight crinkly tentacles provide intriguing sounds and textures expressly to engage a newborn's curious mind. 

Surround her with seafaring friends at every meal! On these beach-brightened Baby Aspen bibs, a sea-blue crab, friendly fish and pink-cheeked octopus have 3-D features--check out their pincers, fins and tentacles! A trendsetting baby gift! 

 There's a whale of fun awaiting the new mom and dad! Mom will need eight arms, and dad will find it hard to get crabby with an ocean full of love for his new baby boy. Though they'd rather see food in baby's mouth, they won't mind it so much on these delightful 3-D bibs! 

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