Friday, April 4, 2014

Teak Lounges

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Teak is a hardwood native to regions with high rainfall in tropical Asia. Teak wood works well in a wet and humid climate.

This wood will age with time into a beautiful silvery gray. The dense grain of teak wood prevents bubbling and gently wears to create a non-slip surface.

A Teak Lounge is a perfect piece of furniture if you like lounging around in the sun and want a perfect tan.

 Teak lounge chairs are great to put by the pool or anywhere on your patio. Teak Lounges look best in a pair.

These lounges recline easily and look elegant and comfortable. Some of these lounges come with wheels so they are easily moved.

These teak lounges that are available at Hildreth's are constructed of High grade wood and should last your family a long time.

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