Friday, April 11, 2014

Tip of the week: 3 Spring Cleaning tips

  The weathers getting warmer and it makes us want to open all the windows and let in some fresh air. We already showed you a detailed list of spring cleaning ideas but here are some more tips to add on to that list!
1. Donate old items- Spring is a new start so it's important to get rid of old items such as clothes and furniture. if you haven't used the product in a year it's time for you to donate it. This will help get rid of the clutter in your home.

2. Organize your kitchen- Keep the products that you work with most close to you. The other products can be stored away in cabinets to keep the clutter out of your kitchen so you can create a great work space to cook in.

3. Open up the windows- Let in the light and wash away the winter by opening up your windows and letting in fresh air.

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