Sunday, April 6, 2014

What you need to know about buying a sofa!

  •  Know what shape you want your sofa to be. If you want to relax pick a sofa with arms lower than the back or one with a recliner. Sectionals are great for a cozy settings and  a camelback sofa is great for a more formal traditional setting.

  •  Know what size sofa will be great for your home. You do not want to pick a sofa that is to large for your room or to small for your room. Make sure you measure your room before you leave your house so you know the right sofa size for your. home 

  • Know the type of quality sofa you to purchase.  A good quality sofa will last longer than a poor quality one. Here are some tips You should not be able to feel the frame though the padding, the legs are part of the frame, the back of the sofa is not hollow. the seat maintains it's shape when you get up.

  •  Know your budget! If you set a budget and don't want to spend any more than that try and look for floor models or sale events!

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