Friday, May 30, 2014

Simple Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom

1. Headboard
A new  headboard  can add an additional dimension to your bed. This simple change can give your bedroom a more sophisticated feel.

2. Area Rug
An area rug can look great in the right setting. If you have wood floors and a large room and area rug help you define your space more clearly.
3. New Bedding
When you pick out new bedding your room can transform before your eyes. New bedding can be a fast and easy way to recreate your living space.
4. Throw Pillows
The more throw pillows  the better! Many throw pillows can appear to be more inviting. Pillows are an easy way to add color and texture to your home. Get all different shapes and sizes to create and amazing look!.
8. Seating
Any great bedroom also includes a great area for  seating. If your bedroom can fit the furniture add it to create a stunning look.

2. Window Treatments
 Windows covered with the right window treatments can tone down harsh sunlight to create ambiance.

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