Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Fun!

Summer is here! That means the kids are home from school. Don't let them be bored all summer, Here are some ideas for the summer that your kids will enjoy!

Paint Something new and exciting this summer.

 Invite friends over and make some friendship bracelets.

Take out the chalk and create a sidewalk adventure.

Draw some super heros and have a super hero day in your home.

Learn something knew like how to juggle.

Go to the beach and have a blast.

Bring Shower flops for an easy way to clean your feet

Every kid needs sunglasses to block out the sun.

Balls for the backyard

A radio flyer or a bike.

A backpack or lunchbox for camp.

Bubbles for some outdoor fun.

Finally a kite for a beautiful breezy day!

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