Friday, July 4, 2014

6 Must-Haves for Your Patio

6 Must-Haves for Your Patio 

1. Bug repellent. Being outside in the summer can be a blast unless you have swarms of bugs trying to bite you every second. Get some bug spray and repellents to keep the bugs away from you.

2. Outdoor Pillows. Trying to relax and take a nap is great when you have outdoor pillows.

3. Outdoor Rugs. Keep your patio looking stylish with an outdoor rug.

4. An Umbrella. Nothing is worse then not having shade in the hot sun, a umbrella will keep your cool and can look beautiful in your backyard.

5. Storage/ Covers- Get storage to store your extra items and covers to keep your furniture from getting wet on those rainy days.

6. Plenty of seating. Having people over  for the summer regularly means you somewhere place for your friends to relax.

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