Thursday, July 10, 2014

Crafts with Alex Toys!

Summer is here and school is out so lets have some fun with these indoor or outdoor summer crafts with Alex Toys! Fill these long, hot, Beautiful school-free days with creative summer craft ideas for art projects that all the kids will enjoy. whether it's decorating or designing you children will have a blast with these projects from Alex Toys!

Design and color your own bag! Use the bright markers to fill-in the preprinted floral design with oodles of color! You can even plan your design online with the Design Online interactive tool at! Use the online ‘markers’ to color then print out to follow the design.

Eco Crafts contains all the earth-friendly materials you need to make 20 different crafts! Includes over 400 stickers and shapes, 6 recycled colored pencils, wooden spoons, fork and spatula, wooden buttons, spools and beads, string, ribbon, glue stick, tissue paper and easy to follow instructions.

Build a giant rolling car! Use real plastic nuts, bolts and real rolling wheels! When you’re finished building, decorate with stickers and markers to personalize your ride. Includes plastic nuts, bolts, wheels, headlights and screwdriver, stickers, markers and easy to follow instructions.

Who knew folding paper could be so much fun! Just fold along the dotted line to make a dino, a robot, animals and more. Includes hundreds of stickers, folding shapes and easy to follow instructions. Each project comes conveniently individually packaged, so you’re ready to begin when you open the kit!

Ready to try knitting? It’s easy and fun and a skill that lasts a lifetime! Get those curious fingers moving with the Yarn Craft kit. This kit contains everything you’ll need to create a scarf and a bag: 6 skeins of yarn, wooden knitting needles, a crochet hook and printed instructions. Here’s a hint: watch the step-by-step video for a quick ‘how to’!

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