Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bed Linens 101

Your Bed is used everyday so don't skimp on buying bedding. Check out these tips to help you find the perfect Bed linens for your home.


1. Make sure you fall in love with your bedding before you buy it because it will be used often. Find a bedding that will give you a beautiful nights rest.

2. Cotton sheets are  described by thread counts. The average tread count for cotton sheets are around 200 and the more expensive sheet are around 300 or more.  The higher the tread count the softer and more durable they are.

3. From cotton, blends, flannels, stains or silk find the perfect bed linens in your price range. Test out the feel of all of the sheets before you buy them so you know for sure which one is your favorite.

4. Go for a color that is classic and can won't be out of style quickly.

5. Buy extra sheets because you might need to replace your sheets if they get dirty so buy some extra sheets before you leave the store.
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