Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Buying a Lampshade 101

1. Our motto at Hildreth's is " Buying a Lampshade without your lamp is like buying a hat without your head." So always bring in your lamp so we can make sure it is the right fit.

2. Try different types of styles of lamp shades. Don't always stick with the same shade try on different 
ones and pick which ever one you think works best.

3. Find the perfect color. While most shades are traditionally white, that doesn't mean it is the only color  you can choose from. To make your lampshade a focal point pick out an accent color of your room.

4. Know what type of base you have. Certain bases go better with certain shades. For example Crystal bases work well with white lamps and wood bases work well with all different colors.

5. Know your proportion sizes. Find the right proportion for your lamp. Which is why you should bring your base with you. That way you won't buy  lamp shade that is disproportionate to your base.

6. Go with your gut! Buy the lampshade that you want to buy. Don't let other people pick out the lampshade for you in the end you know what will look good in your home.

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