Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Removing Pet Hair From Your Sofa

So you just bought a new sofa from Hildreth's how exciting but now you are nervous that your animals fur will destroy your brand new sofa. Not to worry we have some tips and tricks to keep your sofa clean and animal fur free.  Save 35% off Rowe furniture from 9/2/15-9/22/15.

1. Use your vacuum or vacuum hose. Brush your sofa and then use your vacuum hose to pick up those unwanted pet hairs.

2. Invest in a lint roller or use some packaging tape,to clean up the fur with ease from your sofa.

3. Invest in a slipcover, they're easy to clean and,can be quickly changed out for a different style. Slipcovers and pets go hand and hand!
4. Try and brush your pets fur outside and brush often so the fur doesn't land on your sofa. You can also run a dryer sheet over your pet to get the fur off.

5. Use a clean dry sponge and run it slowly across your sofa and the fur will cling to the sponge instead of the sofa.

6. Bathe and groom your pet often. The furniture will last longer when your pet is clean. Also remember to trim their nails. Trimmed nails are happy nails. 
7. Bringing your pets to the Hamptons? Don't leave them in the car where they can overheat, bring them into Hildreth's! We are pet friendly : )